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The First Star Wars Movie - Chapter 1-3

Story so far....
Darth Vader's huge imperial ship caught up on  Princess Leia's ship - in which she was carrying the stolen plans of the 'Death Star'  - and 'sucked-in' the small ship. The rebels could not withstand the fire-power of the imperial storm-troopers and lost their head when Darth Vader strangled him with one hand... R2D2 has been given a secret mission by someone and he draggs along C3PO into an escape pod....

Chapter 1-3

The massive form whirled unexpectedly, and Imperial officers shrank
under that baleful sculptured stare. "Start tearing this ship apart piece by
piece, component by component, until you find those tapes. As for the
passengers, if any, I want them alive." He paused a moment, then added,

Officers and men nearly fell over themselves in their haste to
leave-not necessarily to carry out Vader's orders, but simply to retreat
from that malevolent presence.

Artoo Detoo finally came to a halt in an empty corridor devoid of smoke
and the signs of battle. A worried, confused Threepio pulled up behind him.
"You've led us through half the ship, and to what...?" He broke off,
staring in disbelief as the squat robot reached up with one clawed limb and
snapped the seal on a lifeboat hatch. Immediately a red warning light came
on and a low hooting sounded in the corridor.

Threepio looked wildly in all directions, but the passageway remained
empty. When he looked back, Artoo was already working his way into the
cramped boat pod. It was just large enough to hold several humans, and its
design was not laid out to accommodate mechanicals. Artoo had some trouble
negotiating the awkward little compartment.

"Hey," a startled Threepio called, admonishing, "you're not permitted
in there! It's restricted to humans only. We just might be able to convince
the Imperials that we're not rebel programmed and are too valuable to break
up, but if someone sees you in there we haven't got a chance. Come on out."
Somehow Artoo had succeeded in wedging his body into position in front
of the miniature control board. He cocked his body slightly and threw a
stream of loud beeps and whistles at his reluctant companion.

Threepio listened. He couldn't frown, but he managed to give a good
impression of doing so. "Mission... what mission? What are you talking
about? You sound like you haven't got an integrated logic terminal left in
your brain. No... no more adventures. I'll take my chances with the
Imperials-and I'm not getting in there."

An angry electronic twang came from the Artoo unit.
"Don't call me a mindless philosopher," Threepio snapped back, "you
overweight, unstreamlined glob of grease!"

Threepio was concocting an additional rejoinder when an explosion blew
out the back wall of the corridor. Dust and metal debris whooshed through
the narrow subpassageway, followed instantly by a series of secondary
explosions. Flames began jumping hungrily from the exposed interior wall,
reflecting off Threepio's isolated patches of polished skin.

Muttering the electronic equivalent of consigning his soul to the
unknown, the lanky robot jumped into the life pod. "I'm going to regret
this," he muttered more audibly as Artoo activated the safety door behind
him. The smaller robot flipped a series of switches, snapped back a cover,
and pressed three buttons in a certain sequence. With the thunder of
explosive latches the life pod ejected from the crippled fighter.

But they don't know that they are being watched.....

All rights remain with the original author.

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Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Nirasha

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Nirasha

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - නිරාශා

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Hithe Gindara

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Hithe Gindara

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - හිතේ ගින්දර

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Taurus

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Taurus

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - ටෝරස්

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Ran Kati Putha

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Ran Kati Putha

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - රන් කැටි පුතා

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Salfa

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Salfa

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - සල්ෆා

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Palingu Diwayina - Chrystal Island

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Palingu Diwayina - Chrystal Island

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - පලිඟු දිවයින

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Comic strip - Mehev Rate

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Comic strip - Mehev Rate

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - මෙහෙව් රටේ

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Suwandi / Gaja Man

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Suwandi / Gaja Man

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - සුවදි / ගජ මෑන්

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Sellan Sena

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Sellan Sena

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - සෙල්ලං සේන

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Suraika

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Suraika

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - සුරෙයිකා

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Sinja and beedu

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Sinja and beedu

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - සින්ජා සහ බීඩු

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Gahaniyak Nisa

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Gahaniyak Nisa

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 -  ගැහැනියක් නිසා

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Hithata wahal weemi

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Hithata wahal weemi

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - හිතට වහල් වීමි

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - 70's Facebook

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - 70's Facebook

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 -යහළු යෙහෙලි

Siththara Volume:2-2 1976 Nov 01 - Front page

Siththara Volume:2-2  1976 Nov 01 - Front page

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-2 1976 නොවැම්බර් 02 - මුල් පිටුව

Rankati putha (Golden son) starts..
Susil Premarathna's amazing artwork gives life to the story of a father whose son gets kidnapped and killed...
The 'king of comic papers' becoming mature - and getting better day by day.

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The Fist Star Wars Movie - Chapter 1-2

The 6 Star Wars movies which many of us know of are only a 0.001% of the complete story-line. 

Even though fictitious, the story which spans well over 5043 'Galactic years' was written with great detail and chronological accuracy. 

Story starts at 5,000 BBY (similar to 5,000 BC) - Old Republic Era

The time line....

5,000 BBY to 1000 BBY   (Old Republic Era )    - about 10 books
1,000 BBY to 0 BBY    (Rise of the Empire Era)  - about 200 books
0 BBY to 4 ABY           ( Rebellion Era)   - ABY is similar to AD  - Most popular - about 40 books
5 ABY to 24 ABY         (New Republic Era)  - About 100 books
25 ABY 40 ABY           (New Jedi Order Era) - about 50 books
40 ABY to 43 ABY       (Legacy Era)  - 11 books
Beyond 43 ABY                                   -  12 books

The Galactic Standard Calendar was the standard measurement of time in the galaxy. It centered around the Coruscant solar cycle. The Coruscant solar cycle was 368 days long with a day consisting of 24 standard hours.  Numerous epochs were used to determine calendar eras. The most recent of these calendar eras used the Battle of Yavin as its epoch, or "year zero". BBY stands for Before the Battle of Yavin, and ABY stands for After the Battle of Yavin.

6 Movies were made 

In galactic time order ....
1.) The Phantom Menace (32 BBY )    Like 32 BC
2.) Attack of the Clones    (22 BBY )    Like 22 BC
3.) The Clone Wars           (22 BBY )    Like 22 BC

4.) A New Hope                      (  0 BBY)  Like 0 BC  ( the story we are reading now)
5.) The Empire Strikes back ( 3 ABY)   Like 3 AD
6.) Return of the Jedi              ( 4 ABY)   Like 4 AD

The last 3 moves were made first, (they were from the Rebellion Era)   and were called the Classic Trilogy.  

The first 3 movies were made later (they were from the Rise of the Empire Era )

Utterly useless information ...  but the author/s should be applauded for keeping millions of people sticking with the story for 40 years and counting..

Ok back to the story now....


Fear followed the footsteps of all the Dark Lords. The cloud of evil
which clung tight about this particular one was intense enough to cause
hardened Imperial troops to back away, menacing enough to set them muttering
nervously among themselves. Once-resolute rebel crew members ceased
resisting, broke and ran in panic at the sight of the black armor-armor
which, though black as it was, was not nearly as dark as the thoughts
drifting through the mind within.

One purpose, one thought, one obsession dominated that mind now. It
burned in the brain of Darth Vader as he turned down another passageway in
the broken fighter. There smoke was beginning to clear, though the sounds of
faraway fighting still resounded through the hull. The battle here had ended
and moved on.

Only a robot was left to stir freely in the wake of the Dark Lord's
passing. See Threepio finally stepped clear of the last restraining cable.
Somewhere behind him human screams could be heard from where relentless
Imperial troops were mopping up the last remnants of rebel resistance.
Threepio glanced down and saw only scarred deck. As he looked around,
his voice was full of concern. "Artoo Detoo-where are you?" The smoke seemed
to part just a bit more. Threepio found himself staring up the passageway.
Artoo Detoo, it seemed, was there. But he wasn't looking in Threepio's
direction. Instead, the little robot appeared frozen in an attitude of
attention. Leaning over him was-it was difficult for even Threepio's
electronic photoreceptors to penetrate the clinging, acidic smoke-a human
figure. It was young, slim, and by abstruse human standards of aesthetics,
Threepio mused, of a calm beauty. One small hand seemed to be moving over
the front of Artoo's torso.

Threepio started toward them as the haze thickened once more. But when
he reached the end of the corridor, only Artoo stood there, waiting.
Threepio peered past him, uncertain. Robots were occasionally subject to
electronic hallucinations-but why should he hallucinate a human?
He shrugged... Then again, why not, especially when one considered the
confusing circumstances of the past hour and the dose of raw current he had
recently absorbed. He shouldn't be surprised at anything his concatenated
internal circuits conjured up.

"Where have you been?" Threepio finally asked. "Hiding, I suppose." He
decided not to mention the maybe-human. If it had been a hallucination, he
wasn't going to give Artoo the satisfaction of knowing how badly recent
events had unsettled his logic circuits.

"They'll be coming back this way," he went on, nodding down the
corridor and not giving the small automaton a chance to reply, "looking for
human survivors. What are we going to do now? They won't trust the word of
rebel-owned machines that we don't know anything of value. We'll be sent to
the spice mines of Kessel or taken apart for spare components for other,
less deserving robots. That's if they don't consider us potential program
traps and blow us apart on sight. If we don't..." But Artoo had already
turned and was ambling quickly back down the passageway.

"Wait, where are you going? Haven't you been listening to me?" Uttering
curses in several languages, some purely mechanical, Threepio raced fluidly
after his friend. The Artoo unit, he thought to himself, could be downright
close-circuited when it wanted to.

Outside the galactic cruiser's control center the corridor was crowded
with sullen prisoners gathered by Imperial troops. Some lay wounded, some
dying. Several officers had been separated from the enlisted ranks and stood
in a small group by themselves, bestowing belligerent looks and threats on
the silent knot of troops holding them at bay.

As if on command, everyone-Imperial troops as well as rebels-became
silent as a massive caped form came into view from behind a turn in the
passage. Two of the heretofore resolute, obstinate rebel officers began to
shake. Stopping before one of the men, the towering figure reached out
wordlessly. A massive hand closed around the man's neck and lifted him off
the deck. The rebel officer's eyes bulged, but he kept his silence.
An Imperial officer, his armored helmet shoved back to reveal a recent
scar where an energy beam had penetrated his shielding, scrambled down out
of the fighter's control room, shaking his head briskly. "Nothing, sir.
Information retrieval system's been wiped clean."

Darth Vader acknowledged this news with a barely perceptible nod. The
impenetrable mask turned to regard the officer he was torturing. Metal-clad
fingers contracted. Reaching up, the prisoner desperately tried to pry them
loose, but to no avail.

"Where is the data you intercepted?" Vader rumbled dangerously. "What
have you done with the information tapes?"
"We-intercepted-no information," the dangling officer gurgled, barely
able to breathe. From somewhere deep within, he dredged up a squeal of
outrage. "This is a... councilor vessel... Did you not see our... exterior
markings? We're on a... diplomatic... mission."

"Chaos take your mission!" Vader growled. "Where are those tapes?" He
squeezed harder, the threat in his grip implicit.

When he finally replied, the officer's voice was a bare, choked
whisper. "Only... the Commander knows."

"This ship carries the system crest of Alderaan," Vader growled, the
gargoylelike breath mask leaning close. "Is any of the royal family on
board? Who are you carrying?" Thick fingers tightened further, and the
officer's struggles became more and more frantic. His last words were
muffled and choked past intelligibility.

Vader was not pleased. Even though the figure went limp with an awful,
unquestionable finality, that hand continued to tighten, producing a
chilling snapping and popping of bone, like a dog padding on plastic. Then
with a disgusted wheeze Vader finally threw the doll-form of the dead man
against a far wall. Several Imperial troops ducked out of the way just in
time to avoid the grisly missile.

All rights remain with the original author.

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


ANOTHER galaxy, another time.

The Old Republic was the Republic of legend, greater than distance or
time. No need to note where it was or whence it came, only to know that...
it was the Republic.

Once, under the wise rule of the Senate and the protection of the Jedi
Knights, the Republic throve and grew. But as often happens when wealth and
power pass beyond the admirable and attain the awesome, then appear those
evil ones who have greed to match.

So it was with the Republic at its height. Like the greatest of trees,
able to withstand any external attack, the Republic rotted from within
though the danger was not visible from outside.

Aided and abetted by restless, power-hungry individuals within the
government, and the massive organs of commerce, the ambitious Senator
Palpatine caused himself to be elected President of the Republic. He
promised to reunite the disaffected among the people and to restore the
remembered glory of the Republic.

Once secure in office he declared himself Emperor, shutting himself
away from the populace. Soon he was controlled by the very assistants and
boot-lickers he had appointed to high office, and the cries of the people
for justice did not reach his ears.

Having exterminated through treachery and deception the Jedi Knights,
guardians of justice in the galaxy, the Imperial governors and bureaucrats
prepared to institute a reign of terror among the disheartened worlds of the
galaxy. Many used the imperial forces and the name of the increasingly
isolated Emperor to further their own personal ambitions.

But a small number of systems rebelled at these new outrages. Declaring
themselves opposed to the New Order they began the great battle to restore
the Old Republic.

From the beginning they were vastly outnumbered by the systems held in
thrall by the Emperor. In those first dark days it seemed certain the bright
flame of resistance would be extinguished before it could cast the light of
new truth across a galaxy of oppressed and beaten peoples...

From the First Saga Journal of the Whills "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes."

Leia Organa of Alderaan, Senator

- I -

IT was a vast, shining globe and it cast a light of lambent topaz into
space-but it was not a sun. Thus, the planet had fooled men for a long time.
Not until entering close orbit around it did its discoverers realize that
this was a world in a binary system and not a third sun itself.
At first it seemed certain nothing could exist on such a planet, least
of all humans. Yet both massive G1 and G2 stars orbited a common center with
peculiar regularity, and Tatooine circled them far enough out to permit the
development of a rather stable, if exquisitely hot, climate. Mostly this was
a dry desert of a world, whose unusual starlike yellow glow was the result
of double sunlight striking sodium-rich sands and flats. That same sunlight
suddenly shone on the thin skin of a metallic shape falling crazily toward
the atmosphere.

The erratic course the galactic cruiser was traveling was intentional,
not the product of injury but of a desperate desire to avoid it. Long
streaks of intense energy slid close past its hull, a multihued storm of
destruction like a school of rainbow remoras fighting to attach themselves
to a larger, unwilling host.
One of those probing, questing beams succeeded in touching the fleeing
ship, striking its principal solar fin. Gemlike fragments of metal and
plastic erupted into space as the end of the fin disintegrated. The vessel
seemed to shudder.

The source of those multiple energy beams suddenly hove into view-a
lumbering Imperial cruiser, its massive outline bristling cactuslike with
dozens of heavy weapons emplacements. Light ceased arching from those spines
now as the cruiser moved in close. Intermittent explosions and flashes of
light could be seen in those portions of the smaller ship which had taken
hits. In the absolute cold of space, the cruiser snuggled up alongside its
wounded prey.

Another distant explosion shook the ship-but it certainly didn't feel
distant to Artoo Detoo or See Threepio. The concussion bounced them around
the narrow corridor like bearings in an old motor.

To look at these two, one would have supposed that the tall, human-like
machine, Threepio, was the master and the stubby, tripodal robot, Artoo
Detoo, an inferior. But while Threepio might have sniffed disdainfully at
the suggestion, they were in fact equal in everything save loquacity. Here
Threepio was clearly-and necessarily-the superior.

Still another explosion rattled the corridor, throwing Threepio off
balance. His shorter companion had the better of it during such moments with
his squat, cylindrical body's low center of gravity well balanced on thick,
clawed legs.

Artoo glanced up at Threepio, who was steadying himself against a
corridor wall. Lights blinked enigmatically around a single mechanical eye
as the smaller robot studied the battered casing of his friend. A patina of
metal and fibrous dust coated the usually gleaming bronze finish, and there
were some visible dents-all the result of the pounding the rebel ship they
were on had been taking.

Accompanying the last attack was a persistent deep hum which even the
loudest explosion had not been able to drown out. Then, for no apparent
reason, the basso thrumming abruptly ceased, and the only sounds in the
otherwise deserted corridor came from the eerie dry-twig crackle of shorting
relays or the pops of dying circuitry. Explosions began to echo through the
ship once more, but they were far away from the corridor.

Threepio turned his smooth, humanlike head to one side. Metallic ears
listened intently. The imitation of a human pose was hardly
necessary-Threepio's auditory sensors were fully omnidirectional-but the
slim robot had been programmed to blend perfectly among human company. This
programming extended even to mimicry of human gestures.
"Did you hear that?" he inquired rhetorically of his patient companion,
referring to the throbbing sound. "They've shut down the main reactor and
the drive." His voice was as full of disbelief and concern as that of any
human. One metallic palm rubbed dolefully at a patch of dull gray on his
side, where a broken hull brace had fallen and scored the bronze finish.
Threepio was a fastidious machine, and such things troubled him.
"Madness, this is madness." He shook his head slowly. "This time we'll
be destroyed for sure."

Artoo did not comment immediately. Barrel torso tilted backward,
powerful legs gripping the deck, the meter-high robot was engrossed in
studying the roof overhead. Though he did not have a head to cock in a
listening posture like his friend, Artoo still somehow managed to convey
that impression. A series of short beeps and chirps issued from his speaker.
To even a sensitive human ear they would have been just so much static, but
to Threepio they formed words as clear and pure as direct current.

"Yes, I suppose they did have to shut the drive down," Threepio
admitted, "but what are we going to do now? We can't enter atmosphere with
our main stablizer fin destroyed. I can't believe we're simply going to

A small band of armed humans suddenly appeared, rifles held at the
ready. Their expressions were as worry-wrinkled as their uniforms, and they
carried about them the aura of men prepared to die.

Threepio watched silently until they had vanished around a far bend in
the passageway, then looked back at Artoo. The smaller robot hadn't shifted
from his position of listening. Threepio's gaze turned upward also though he
knew Artoo's senses were slightly sharper than his own.

"What is it, Artoo?" A short burst of beeping came in response. Another
moment, and there was no need for highly attuned sensors. For a minute or
two more, the corridor remained deathly silent. Then a faint scrape, scrape
could be heard, like a cat at a door, from somewhere above. That strange
noise was produced by heavy footsteps and the movement of bulky equipment
somewhere on the ship's hull.

When several muffled explosions sounded, Threepio murmured, "They've
broken in somewhere above us. There's no escape for the Captain this time."
Turning, he peered down at Artoo. "I think we'd better-"
The shriek of overstressed metal filled the air before he could finish,
and the far end of the passageway was lit by a blinding actinic flash.
Somewhere down there the little cluster of armed crew who had passed by
minutes before had encountered the ship's attackers.

Threepio turned his face and delicate photoreceptors away-just in time
to avoid the fragments of metal that flew down the corridor. At the far end
a gaping hole appeared in the roof, and reflective forms like big metal
beads began dropping to the corridor floor. Both robots knew that no machine
could match the fluidity with which those shapes moved and instantly assumed
fighting postures. The new arrivals were humans in armor, not mechanicals.
One of them looked straight at Threepio-no, not at him, the panicked
robot thought frantically, but past him. The figure shifted its big rifle
around in armored hands-too late. A beam of intense light struck the head,
sending pieces of armor, bone, and flesh flying in all directions.
Half the invading Imperial troops turned and began returning fire up
the corridor-aiming past the two robots.

"Quick-this way!" Threepio ordered, intending to retreat from the
Imperials. Artoo turned with him. They had taken only a couple of steps when
they saw the rebel crewmen in position ahead, firing down the corridor. In
seconds the passageway was filled with smoke and crisscrossing beams of

Red, green and blue bolts ricocheted off polished sections of wall and
floor or ripped long gashes in metal surfaces. Screams of injured and dying
humans-a peculiarly unrobotic sound, Threepio thought-echoed piercingly
above the inorganic destruction.

One beam struck near the robot's feet at the same time as a second one
burst the wall directly behind him, exposing sparking circuitry and rows of
conduits. The force of the twin blast tumbled Threepio into the shredded
cables, where a dozen different currents turned him into a jerking, twisting

Strange sensations coursed through his metal nerve-ends. They caused no
pain, only confusion. Every time he moved and tried to free himself there
was another violent crackling as a fresh cluster of componentry broke. The
noise and man-made lightning remained constant around him as the battle
continued to rage.

Smoke began to fill the corridor. Artoo Detoo bustled about trying to
help free his friend. The little robot evidenced a phlegmatic indifference
to the ravening energies filling the passageway. He was built so low that
most of the beams passed over him anyhow.

"Help!" Threepio yelled, suddenly frightened at a new message from an
internal sensor. "I think something is melting. Free my left leg-the
trouble's near the pelvic servomotor." Typically, his tone turned abruptly
from pleading to berating.

"This is all your fault!" he shouted angrily. "I should have known
better than to trust the logic of a half-sized thermocapsulary dehousing
assister. I don't know why you insisted we leave our assigned stations to
come down this stupid access corridor. Not that it matters now. The whole
ship must be-" Artoo Detoo cut him off in midspeech with some angry beepings
and hoots of his own, though he continued to cut and pull with precision at
the tangled high-voltage cables.

"Is that so?" Threepio sneered in reply. "The same to you, you

An exceptionally violent explosion shook the passage, drowning him out.
A lung-searing miasma of carbonized component filled the air, obscuring

Two meters tall. Bipedal. Flowing black robes trailing from the figure
and a face forever masked by a functional if bizarre black metal breath
screen-a Dark Lord of the Sith was an awesome, threatening shape as it
strode through the corridors of the rebel ship.

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STAR WARS - EPISODE IV - Story of the first StarWars movie




George Lucas 

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Wimasum

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Wimasum

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - විමසුම්

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Mehew Rate

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Mehew Rate

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 -මෙහෙව් රටේ

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Surayika

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Surayika

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - සුරෙයිකා

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Paligu Diwayina

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Paligu Diwayina

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 -පලිගු දිවයින

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Hithata wahal weemi

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Hithata wahal weemi

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 -හිතට වහල් වීමි

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 -Salfa

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 -Salfa

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - සල්ෆා

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Kerumo

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Kerumo

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - කෙරුමෝ

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Suwandi / Jaga Man

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Suwandi / Jaga Man

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 -  සුවදි / ගජ මෑන්

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Sellan Sena

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Sellan Sena

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 -සෙල්ලං සේන

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 -Taurus

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Tauru

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 -ටෝරස්

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 -Ithin Eeta passe

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Ithin Eeta passe

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - ඉතින් ඊට පස්සේ

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 -Sinja and Beedu

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Sinja and Beedu

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - සින්ජා සහ බීඩු

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Nirasha First episode

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Nirasha First episode

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 -නිරාශා, 

Siththara Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Editor's note

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Editor's Note

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - කතුවැකිය 

Siththara completes the first year - Volume:2-1 1976 Oct 25 - Front page

Siththara Volume:2-1  1976 Oct 25 - Front page

සිත්තර - වෙළුම 2-1 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 25 - මුල් පිටුව 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

සිත්තර වෙළුම:1-53 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 18 -සින්ජ සහ බීඩු

සිත්තර වෙළුම:1-53 1976 ඔක්තෝම්බර් 18 -සින්ජ සහ බීඩු

Siththara Volume:1-53  1976 Oct 18 - Sinja and Beedu